She Reads Truth Bible Review

I’m a sucker for Bibles and have more Bibles than I care to admit.

Today, after looking at it online over and over, I picked up a She Reads Truth Bible. When you see it on sale 40% off at Lifeway, it’s pretty easy to talk yourself into buying yet another study bible.

I went with the cheapest one: the hardback (not linen covered). It’s a beautiful gray.


This is a CSB (Christian Standard) version Bible. This is a new/updated version associated with the HCSB. It’s at a 6th grade reading level (versus ESV is at an 11th grade reading level, or so says Eric Mason who helped out with the CSB). It’s easy to read, but still very accurate.

It’s a women’s study Bible. It has little devotionals throughout by the women who do She Reads Truth. Each devotional has references to associated Scripture, including the Scripture it’s directly associated to in that book of the Bible. These are a page long.

At the beginning of each book there is a pretty lettered picture of a key verse from that book. There is also an overview of the book with explanations, the edge of the page is colored based on the genre of the book, and then there’s a reading plan. It has the book broken down in one column and then further understanding passages in a second column.

They give you wide wide margins on the side of each page for writing (or doodling if that’s your thing).


  • This is a gorgeous Bible. Which is why I bought it.
  • The study notes aren’t overwhelming. This isn’t a commentary study bible, but has study helps.
  • They use color well throughout the Bible.
  • They interweave the Old Testament and New Testament for a better understanding of how all of Scripture is intertwined.
  • The CSB is awesome. I’ve really enjoyed reading and studying in it.
  • It has two ribbons for marking.


  • I’m a texture person and the outside of this bible (again I bought the hardback) is horrible feeling to me.
  • The pages are also weird feeling and I slightly cringe every time I flip a page. I’m not sure if this is actually the pages, or leftover from touching the outside of the Bible. Update:  This feeling went away with use – it may have just been the outside texture on my fingers.
  • The pages are SUPER thin. Like, see through to the writing on the other side thin. You also feel like with every page turn it’s going to rip all the way up the page. Update: I’ve been using micron pens in this Bible like I do others and while you can see it through the pages, the bleed isn’t all that bad. Still readable
  • There are no cross references for study. I’m a HUGE cross reference user so this really bothers me.
  • There’s not much spacing between the lines of the scripture for Inductive Bible Study, but they do make up for this with the added space in the margins.

This is my first look review. I’m not a She Reads Truth Bible study-er, but have done one of their studies. While I don’t usually like super women-centric things, I appreciate what they’re doing with encouraging women to study just the Bible instead of focusing on so many helps or even topical study of some womanly problem. I know there’s a place for those things, but I love getting back to the foundations of Scripture.

Update: I’m still loving this Bible. I’m loving the CSB and the extra wide margins available in the SRT Bible. I’m using the Bible reading plan in the back of it to go through the Bible this year with an emphasis on adoption/orphans/those in need. 


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