We bought a house

For the past few months we’ve been looking at houses. We started with our budget significantly lower than what we ended up paying, but were never seeing houses we liked or had what we wanted.

Our wish list stayed basically the same as it did when we bought our Bryan house:

  • at least 3 bedrooms
  • at least 2 bathrooms
  • a living area + a playroom area of some sort

Weston’s hobbies take up a lot of space and I really didn’t want a bedroom being devoted to his stuff if we only have a 3 bedroom house. Then, once we have another kid we’re figuring out what on earth we’re going to do with his computer, guitars, amps, etc.

We ended up with a house with 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths. It has a giant addition with a bathroom that’s a perfect playroom/TV room. It’s on the opposite side of the house with a door so we can even have people over with kids and have them all in one area. They built it as a master master bedroom (the original master is good sized already), and it has a walk-in closet. The closet is now Weston’s “office”. It’ll hold all his guitar stuff, his desk, and all his board games safely tucked away where no Fitz can get to it.

This house is dated, so we’ve replaced all the floors and painted ourselves. Our list of to-dos seems to be never ending over the rest of time, but hopefully it’s our forever home — or at least a while home — so we have the time to do all this stuff.

It’s been so fun watching Fitz explore the house and walk around, looking out the windows. It’s been fun to watch it go from super dated to “will it ever look move-in ready?” to “yes, we can live here now.

We’re excited that it has the space to host things. To have childcare and a place for the adults. A dining room large enough for our table we bought for our last house where we can sit 8-10 people. A backyard where Fitz can run around.

So, now. Now we pack. Weston has to finish painting and installing the quarter round. We move stuff. We clean the duplex and clean the last bit of dusty areas in the new house. This is not the fun part, but I have to keep reminding myself we’re almost done.


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