Fitz turned 1


Fitz turned one on February 5th. This has been the fastest and hardest year of my life. It didn’t help that on top of bringing a baby into this world we added a job search of 8 months, a move, and Fitz getting salmonella.

I learned I’m most selfish with my desire for sleep, and my desire to not have to share my guacamole/avocado with a baby. Also, I want to drink my coffee while it’s still hot the first time.

Every few days throughout this entire year I’d ask Weston, “Can you believe Fitz is ____ months old?”. He’s always say, “Yes, yes I can.” Maybe it’s a mom thing. Having grown him inside of me for 9 months and then spending every single day with him. Watching him discover foods, and our dogs, and the world around him. It went from what’s within reach of his little arms on the floor, to what’s within reach of him sitting up, to crawling for anything he can see, to now standing and being able to get stuff off the table if it’s close enough. His world keeps getting bigger and it’s truly a joy to watch.

We went to the Linger Conference this past weekend (you should go), and I was spending all of the beginning of 2017 pumping so that he’d have milk while I was away and Weston’s parents watched him. I was talking to a friend about how much I was dreading having to pump the entire time I was away and she motivated me to wean him. Just be done. My one recommendation is maybe don’t wean as your kid turns 1. It’s far more emotional than I thought it would be. I was already sad he was turning 1, in unbelief he wasn’t my little baby anymore, and then you add an end to something you’ve done every single day for the past year. Multiple times a day. My mornings no longer start with snuggling my little boy while he nurses. They  no longer end with me cradling him in my arms while he nurses before bed. But we did it. We made it and I really am happy to be done. And it has allowed Weston to come in more and bond with Fitz in those minor ways. He can make him breakfast (or any meal for that matter). We’ve transferred the bed time routine to Weston so he can have the last cuddles of the day.

We made it a whole year.

Fitz, you are one of our greatest joys.


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