The Faithfulness of God

If you know us or you’ve been reading this blog, you know we lived in Tyler, moved to College Station, and recently moved back to Tyler.

You know we both worked for an Engineering firm while in school the second time until August of last year.  That we chose to move to College Station and bought a house that a whirlwind of things worked together to get us this house we really couldn’t afford at it’s true appraised value. I was laid off last July and Weston was told he probably wouldn’t have a job come this past January. I took a part time job at the place I worked in college making $9 an hour when I was making $26. It was a huge blow to my pride, my pride in my degrees, my intelligence.

You’d know how important community was to us, and how we weren’t finding it in College Station. While we loved living closer to both our families, College Station was tough. We’d visit Tyler and feel a huge pull back to Tyler. Weston quit that job he had and took a Business Development position with another firm. You’ve heard the story of how miserable and stressed out he was and that he quit in November. We loved Tyler, but felt a little like we couldn’t go back because we willingly chose to leave. Maybe it was partly pride – like we had moved on to bigger and better things, and now we were trying to go back.

In December Weston had a job offer from a company in Tyler, but turned it down. Too little money, maybe a bit of pride since he had been making more for the past few years.

We moved in with my parents for 5 months. When Fitz was born we were on our last couple thousand dollars. We had Fitz. We closed on our house and made money. Money that has allowed us to be self sustaining for the past 6 months and still have money for a down payment in the future. Weston looked for jobs over and over. He’d get to the last round with major companies people die to work for, but then he wouldn’t have this one random thing they were looking for. A company sent him a stinking gift basket and offered to be reference if he applied to other jobs at that company. Who does that?

We came back to Tyler for a friend’s baby shower and spent time talking to some other friends. They told us to pray and fast over the decision of where we were to live after we told them how much we love Tyler and miss it. And we did. And that Sunday at church, it was as if God was talking to us himself with something the pastor said in his sermon.

We took that leap of faith and decided to move back to Tyler. Without a job. Without actual prospects. But with friends praying for us and passing along Weston’s resume to everyone they knew. And so in June we moved.

We took a few weeks to get situated. Fitz got salmonella poisoning. The community we have here came around us. Bringing us food or snacks at the hospital, asking how he’s doing, praying for us, for Fitz. And then Fitz was out of the hospital. Weston had another week or two of job searching. Applying. Getting frustrated and finally telling the truth about his frustration and hopelessness feeling to people. And through community, some part time work was thrown his way. Stuff we determined could keep us mostly afloat until he found something full time. Shortly later, an interview. And then a second interview. And then a job offer.

And here we are. Realistically – 6 weeks or so after he started looking for a job here in Tyler, he’s employed. God has provided. Throughout everything over the past year and a half, I’ve seen God’s grace and His hand on us.

Moving from Tyler before that office closed. Setting it up for him to have the job at the company he was miserable at. It got us away quickly when he was told he might not have a job come January. Allowing us to get a house for a steal and being able to sell it for profit a year later. Allowing us to move in with one of our parents while he continued to look for a job. The encouragement from community we hadn’t been officially a part of for over a year. Encouragement from a church we were calling a temporary home while in Austin. Friends who continually prayed for us throughout this season and did everything they could to help Weston get a job. God providing Weston work and then a job once we got to Tyler.

God has set in place all these things to bring us back here. It has stretched us. It has grown us. Living in College Station grew me in ways I didn’t want to be grown, but were good. I’ve learned patience. I’ve learned to rely on God and not my own budgeting skills, my own intelligence, Weston’s intelligence, Weston’s abilities. God is faithful. God is the provider of all good things.


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