Praying and Fasting Part 2

We prayed. We fasted. We’d talk about it all while we went on our family walks each evening.

That following Sunday that finished up our week was the confirmation we both felt we needed. The sermon seemed to hit the nail on the head for us and so we made a decision. The day before I mentioned the idea to my mom and it went better than I could have imagined. Not because they don’t think we make good decisions (maybe they don’t, I don’t know), but because I knew we were praying about the idea of moving away from them.

We decided to move back to Tyler. Where we have solid community. Where our friends are having kids the same time we are so Fitz can grow up with friends. Where we love our church. Where you can afford to live without having to make $80,000 just to survive on one income. I love the pace of life there. I love getting to live closer to friends in Dallas and our friends in Tyler. It’s where Weston can take a job until he finds the job and we’ll be alright monetarily.

Because we will always make time for our families. My sister is the perfect meeting point between my parents and us. It’s a solid 4 hours from Tyler to Buda, but as Fitz gets older and older that becomes easier. And it’s only 4 hours. Not a plane ride. Not a full day’s drive.

As we get closer and closer to our move date, it still seems like the right decision. We quickly and easily found a place to live. Weston has had a job interview. We have other friends there who have sent us tons of duplexes and townhouse to look at, they’ve sent Weston’s resume to all the people they know. And they’ve let us talk their ear off about this stuff.


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