Rejection and the lessons to be learned

Weston has been looking for a new job since December with a few breaks in there for moving and Fitz’s arrival. But realistically, it’s been about 4 months.

He’s gotten to the final round of interviews with big companies several times only to be turned down for the job. Near the beginning of his search he was offered a job but decided not to take it for several reasons.

I don’t think either of us are quite at the point where we wish he took that first job. But we are both at the point of, “When will I (he) get a job?” “What’s the problem?” “Why not me (him)?”

And I’m at the point where I continually ask myself if I’m praying the right things. Am I encouraging him in the right ways? Am I showing him how proud I am of him and that I know he’ll do whatever it takes to provide for our family? Am I doing any of these things enough or well?

What is God trying to show me? Or him? Or us? As someone who prides herself on saving, budgeting, being practical, is God trying to show me how much I still need to rely on him for things? Being grateful for family who will take us in so we don’t have to blow through all our savings? Is there pride in either of our lives aside from this that we need to work through and how much we need rely on Him for provisions of jobs, of food, of clothing, of all our needs? I want to work through it to get to the end goal and I’m not savoring or rejoicing in the process – which I know I need to.


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