Babies and Moving and No Job

Things I am happy about:

  1. Our house is sold. We didn’t have to put it on the MLS. And we made out money back.
  2. Weston isn’t in a job that gave him more gray hairs in 3 months than 4.5 years of marriage has given him.
  3. Fitz is here and made us parents
  4. Parents who let us live with them and that saves us money while Weston searches for a job.

Things that don’t make me happy/I struggle with:

  1. Weston not having a job. There’s tons of open jobs, but then they want more experience than you have, or expert knowledge in ____ program, or something else.
  2. Living in a town we don’t know if we’ll stay in. This in itself isn’t bad, but it’s been part of what has made it hard to plug in somewhere. I will be going to MOPS for the rest of the semester to at least get to meet some people. Weston has some guy friends who live in Austin he’s been able to hang out with a few times. And we’ve gotten to spend time with Weston’s family several times and will get to again this month.
  3. Not having community. In Tyler we LOVED our church community. We built solid friendships and it was life giving. In College Station near the end we were there with a couple, but overall just didn’t have a solid friendship base. Granted, we were only there a year. It is what it is. And now we’re somewhere new. We aren’t in Austin Austin so the friends Weston has here are pretty far. They have lives already and are plugged in places. To drive 45 minutes for church seems a bit crazy when we are living where there’s a plethora of churches as well. Add having a baby in and we haven’t even been to church since living here.

    But we’re finally at a place where I feel comfortable taking Fitz to church so we tried one today. My prayer is that we don’t let our unknowns keep us from getting plugged in now. Even if we’re only here in Buda for another month, I pray we are invested. I pray we don’t waste our time here. And I pray we make some friends.


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