I joined Plexus

Don’t judge. Okay you can judge a little. I’m still judging myself some.

In the past 6 months or so several people with whom I’m friends on Facebook have joined and posted all the time about it. Not until one girl, who is a nurse, joined and started posting did I start looking into it. I thought, “okay this girl at least has some medical background”. She talked about how it’s helped her genetically high cholesterol, her allergies, and other problems she’s had. She didn’t do it for weight loss. I’m 26 with high cholesterol. I have horrible allergies. And then reading that it could help boost your milk supply if you’re nursing, I was interested.

I text my sister about it, turns out she takes it. She said she loved the Probiotic.

Okay, I’ll try it. I order the Triplex which has the Plexus Slim drink powder, BioCleanse, and the Probiotic. Before I started taking it, I took pictures of all the ingredient lists and asked my OBGYN to make sure it’d be okay with nursing. She approved so I figured I’d give it a shot.

I can’t say whether Slim has given me more energy because I still want my coffee everyday and probably won’t give it up. I don’t know if my cholesterol is lower because I haven’t had it tested. My allergies haven’t bothered me, but as spring weather comes in full force I’ll be able to tell more. My weight loss from having a baby had plateaued the past few weeks and then I weighed myself yesterday and had lost 5 pounds. And today I pumped for the first time in 3 weeks and from the same side Fitz had just eaten on, I got 4 ounces!

Now that part is impressive to me. And that’s why I decided to join. I’ve never been lacking in milk, but had to plan when I’d pump and what side. And this had never happened.

I’m not a crazy Plexus lady. And I hope to never be one. But I’ve tried it and so far I’m impressed.



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