People have always said motherhood (parenting) is insanely difficult. I’d internally scoff at new moms who would say it’s so hard yet so rewarding. Surely, changing, feeding, and putting a newborn to sleep can’t be that trying. Why on earth would people think it’s difficult? Sure, once the baby is older, it’d be more difficult. When they start having an attitude, or can move around and get into everything. But when all they can do is lay there, why aren’t you getting anything done around the house? Why can’t you be on time?

7 weeks in and I’ve still always been on time – and that’s probably more of a testament to my upbringing than anything else. I know my day is coming when everything falls a part and we’re lucky to make it out the door in one piece, much less on time.

But I owe a huge apology to every single mom I’ve silently judged. Motherhood is hard – even when they’re newborns. You’re exhausted. Sometimes it seems like nothing you do will make your baby stop crying. You have plans for everything you’ll accomplish that day: laundry, dinner, cleaning the bathroom, and that day your baby decides he wants to be held all day and wants to eat every hour.

Do you know how many baskets of clean laundry are in our room right now? 2. And there’s another load in the dryer. Do you know how many meals I’ve made? 0. Weston has taken care of it or my mom. Our bathroom has been half cleaned for a couple of days now.

Part of it has boiled down to what seems more important to me at this point. I want to enjoy this time where Weston is home everyday and so we go on walks, or go get coffee as a little family.

But I will no longer say that motherhood surely can’t be that hard. It is hard. It’s exhausting. Sometimes this little bundle of joy is anything but a bundle of joy and you are about to completely lose it. But it is rewarding. That first time they smile at you. Watching them sleep or watching them be enthralled by a new toy. And you are once again reminded of the gift they really are.


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