I’m not doing this alone

I’m an introvert. I don’t particularly like small talk – mainly because I’m really bad at it. But after living in Austin without friends for the past 6 weeks, even I was ready and willing to go meet new people.

My mom had encouraged me to go to their church’s MOPS group, so yesterday I went. The small talk wasn’t any easier for me, but it was worth getting out of the house and talking to people. I had Fitz with me and when he started crying when I started eating brunch, multiple women told me to let them know if I want them to hold him while I eat, or just to have a break. I took them up on it. To have my hands free while Fitz was being put to sleep. The hour break to be able to eat with two hands.

The majority of the time we’re at home I’m trying to keep Fitz myself so Wes can search and apply for jobs without distraction. He’s always there to help, but sometimes I forget that.

This morning Fitz was a little on the fussy side so I decided we’d take a drive and go through the Starbucks drive-thru. We get there and there’s a line to the feeder road so I give up since he cries when the car isn’t moving. Wes comes downstairs and reminds me that we’re a team. That he can take care of Fitz if I need some time alone. That I should never feel bad waking him up to change Fitz, rock him, whatever. I can always say, “Please take Fitz, I need some me time”.

I like to think I can do everything alone. But yesterday and today reminded me I can’t. I get tired, and impatient and know I need help. Because we aren’t meant to go at life alone. Any part of life.


One thought on “I’m not doing this alone

  1. MOPS has been a huge blessing to me since becoming a mom. I hope you keep going and enjoy the small talk until it turns into actual friendships!

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