I know nothing is promised, but we got to a point where we thought, “Surely Wes will get this job”. But at the same time we continued to tell ourselves that it wasn’t for sure. That someone else could easily get it because he didn’t have the job yet.

Today Wes was told they went with someone else and we were very disappointed. We have been ready to go back to a normal life for awhile now. For a few months it felt like nothing was going right. Insurance stuff was so complicated. I wasn’t even in the city where I was planning to deliver. It felt like road block after road block was happening with selling our house. Weston was looking for a job. We were coming to the end of our savings.

Then everything started falling into place. I found an OB who would take me. Our house was finally going to be closed on. Fitz came and we decided to just deliver at the closer hospital because other insurance stuff wasn’t working. We both got to Austin and everything was moved out of our old house. Still no job, but we had Fitz to keep us occupied the past few weeks.

My prayer for Weston’s new job is that it’s one he can enjoy both the actual job and the people with whom he works. That it’s a job he can and love his coworkers to Christ. A job that pays the bills and has good benefits.

We’re both at the point of being frustrated it isn’t happening yet. And the “that just means there’s something better out there for you” is getting old. We’re learning to really trust God with this because I think we both have put too much stock in our (his) own abilities. But we’re both really ready for him to be working again.


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