This season of Advent

I feel like every year God puts us in a place of waiting during Advent. I guess to help Wes and I understand it a little bit more on the ground level as we celebrate this season.

Our first year of marriage I was looking for a job, and I think had just been offered a position at ETBU. Our second year we were back in school and while we were not doing anything specific, it was still a season of anticipation with jobs and grades and finishing the semester. Our third year we were trying to close on our house/move into it, move to a new city, and wrap up everything in Tyler. And this year, our fourth Advent season together we are trying to sell a house, move, find a new job, figure out where we will be, deal with family illnesses, and waiting on Fitz to come into the world. It’s the biggest “waiting” we’ve done to date.

And while it leads me toward being stressed and worried, our studies we do together and separately remind me that we serve a God of fulfilled promises. He provides for needs. Our waiting is for His glory and our good. And everything will happen in His timing. And ultimately it has helped us realize the real thing we are all anticipating – the already not yet of Christ our King.


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