Baby Showers

Today Fitz, Weston, and I were showered with gifts, prayers, and love from our friends here in College Station. Even with the sometimes torrential downpour happening this weekend, ladies came out to celebrate Fitz with their time and gifts.

If you know me, you know that parties of any sort stress me out. Particularly when I’m the guest of honor. But these are ladies we’ve gotten to know over the past (almost) year here in College Station, and walking and and seeing the time and effort they put into this baby shower took away my stress of how it would be. It was wonderful and adorable. I’ve now seen the cutest diaper cake ever with baby bottle rockets, cupcakes with rockets, stars, and planets, and glittery stars on toothpicks for sandwiches.

There were cards to fill out about what their prayer was for Fitz; what he would learn, what he would believe, what he would know, etc. As I read through them this afternoon I realized how many prayers are going to be covering this little boy. We will be surrounded with families of all ages who will be praying for and looking after not only Fitz, but also Weston and myself.

I think it’s safe to say we couldn’t be luckier about where are at this stage in our lives.


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