New jobs means changing how we interact

Weston started a new job a couple months ago. At first he was home almost everyday. Then one day it switched and he’s traveling at least once a week. This is a major change from what we were doing at our previous job(s). We worked together. Sat across from each other all day every day. It went from purposely spending time a part to now being incredibly intentional about planning time together each week.

I’m so thankful that he’s in a job he enjoys. He gets to be around people often, versus almost never. He’s a people person. He makes people feel like he’s truly interested in what they have to say and that they’re important. I know not everyday is fun or enjoyable for him. And I know he stresses out sometimes about if he will succeed in this position or if he’s up to the challenges. I know the fact he has to be away from our family more often than he’d like is often on his mind.

But all of this plays into how we interact now. I’m not one who is naturally good at encouragement, but I’m having to learn far more quickly to use my words to encourage and not tear down. To tell him how proud of him I am and that he’s doing a phenomenal job juggling work and home life. You know what? He is constantly surprising me. The other day I came home from work (part time mind you) and he’s cleaned our living rooms and dining room, which were all in desperate need of some cleaning.

We’ve become much more intentional about not being on our phones when we’re together. We have consistent date nights, be it watching a movie, going to dinner, or grabbing coffee and talking.

I now know that making him coffee in the morning before he starts working means a lot to him. If I iron his clothes before he has a conference he appreciates it. Making him lunch before I leave for work makes him feel loved. And telling him and showing him I respect him gives him more confidence than I could possibly imagine.


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