Books I’ve Read 2015: You and Me Forever

2015 has not been the year of reading for me. I’ve read a couple of extra long Fantasy novels that always take me longer than I think they will. And then, I really haven’t felt like reading much. I finished some I can’t remember on our trip to Denver earlier in the year, reread Women of the Word for a Bible Study I’m in, and recently finished You and Me Forever by Francis and Lisa Chan.

I’m a sucker for a marriage book. This one was almost completely different than any others I’ve read. It wasn’t focused so much on your marriage, per se, but on your marriage in light of eternity (that’s the subtitle of the book).

It was encouraging and convicting in how our marriage is going. It was a reminder that our marriage is truly for God’s glory. To display the gospel to those who don’t believe. It’s for our joy- and joy is found in obedience to God’s commands.

What are we doing through our marriage – in our relationship and through our relationship to glorify God? How are we using our marriage to bring people into the Kingdom?

If you want to read it, there’s a free app for your phone that’s the entire book. I recommend it as a believer.


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