A couple of years ago a lady in a Bible Study I was in had a friend who was having major marital problems. I think often our first thought is to think, “Thank God that isn’t me” or “I’d never do that/That would never happen to me” as if we’re above all of these things. But every time she would talk about this friend or what was going on she was broken. I’m sure that was her first thought. In fact she said that. She said her husband pointed out when she was displaying those same type of characteristics and pride that the friend had. Of course that made her mad. But in reality, it’s exactly what we all need to realize.

Marriage troubles of all types can happen to any of us.
We’re at the point in our lives where most of our friends are married which means we are at the point in our lives where the trials we see in our own lives or in the lives of others are harder. Much harder. Our pride, selfishness, and other sins aren’t just affecting us anymore. It deeply affects our spouse as well. No matter the size of the sin, when we sit in a place of unrepentance you begin to tear at the one flesh you’re supposed to be with your spouse.
Recently we’ve seen a lot of marriages struggling. Big and small. We’ve seen where our marriage has struggled when we’ve spent too much time together and when we’ve not spent nearly enough time together. We’ve seen where our marriage struggled when one of us was prideful and didn’t want to ask forgiveness.
As we continue to see and hear of the problems other people face we have two choices. We can say, “thank God that’s not us”, or we can see it as a reminder of where we could be. We can see it as a reminder that marriage is always work even when you’re on the top of the mountain and praise God for the grace he gives to us.

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