Life is hard. Emotions are hard. Adulting is hard. Pregnancy is hard. And pregnancy makes all of this harder. I find that the “crazy” that can stir itself up in me is even more common with all the craziness that goes along with pregnancy hormones.

This last week or so was really hard for me. After writing about starting to find community, I started feeling like we’d never again have friendships with depth. That moving here was a mistake and it was all too much effort. The fact I tried to hold it in and deal with it myself only made it worse. I’ve written before about “letting out the crazy” and should’ve listened to my own advice and experience.

Then finally letting it out to Wes, I spent the rest of the night crying and most of the next day. But not because I actually feel this way about living here or the friendships we’re making. While I do understand it’s all difficult, I have more hope than that. It was just one of those days. Well, I guess several of those days. And it was a reminder that God has placed me with Wes to have someone with whom I can figure all of this out. Work through the hard days. And someone to remind me of the whys of things.


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