And BOOM we are pregnant

In June I had written a long post about where we were at with kids/adoption. After trying for 2.5 years for biological kids, we weren’t having any luck and so after prayer, thought maybe God wanted us to start our family with adoption first instead of last. Early in June we went to an informational through the state about Foster/Adoption. We weren’t ready to say we wanted to do fostering, but we were ready for adoption and starting that process. Well, with the way that the county is set up, we wouldn’t be able to adopt kids in the age range we felt comfortable with. We left encouraged and discouraged.
We were discouraged because through the foster care system is how I had originally wanted to adopt and it seemed that wasn’t the way for us anymore. At least not at this point.
Encouraged because at least we could cross a way off the list. Encouraged because Wes and I were on the same page.
I’d been feeling pretty bad all that week, which I had chalked up to starting Whole 30 and cutting caffeine. The next day at lunch, though, I decided to take a pregnancy test. What could it hurt? I was used to it being negative to the point where it wasn’t really disappointing anymore. So I took one. And then another. And then freaked out some and texted Weston too many times. They were positive.
After work I went and got more pregnancy tests. That one was positive too. The next day, it was positive. So we freaked out together, a lot. And we cried. And rejoiced. Knowing that yes, we waited awhile for God to answer this prayer of ours, but also knowing it could’ve been even longer- or never.
So here we are. 13 weeks pregnant. Continuing to rejoice in God’s goodness.

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