4 Years of Marriage


Today marks 4 years of marriage to Weston. It’s weird because we’re the “old married couple” with our friends. It’s great, because I’m so glad I didn’t have to waste more of my time dating and being single outside of college. I’d probably have no friends and stay home all the time.

4 years. I know it’s not a ton, but every year is a step closer to 50, or 60. I’m thankful for every year with this man.
In the past four years we’ve:
– Watched Weston finish college
– Moved towns 3 times
– Went back to school for second degrees
– Got raises
– Called 4 churches home
– Became aunt and uncle twice
– Watched friends and family get married
– Watched friends and family have kids
– Gotten on the same page with finances
– Started saving for retirement
– Lived in a 400 square foot room
– Bought a house
– Sold Weston’s beloved truck
– Submitted well and submitted poorly
– Led well and led poorly
– Fought
– Reconciled
– Learned to trust each other more
– Gone on many dates
– Vacationed together
– Got two dogs
– Shown grace
I know I’ve failed a lot in marriage. And I will. I know Weston fails a lot in marriage. And I know he will. But I’m thankful to be married to a man who shows me more grace than I could imagine. Who lovingly rebukes me and guides me back to truth. Who puts up with all my crazy. Who lets me know when I could love and respect him better. Who will watch chick flicks with me without complaining. Who likes to take me shopping and buy me things. Who will cook, and clean, and take care of yard work. Who has the best chest to cry into when I’m sad, hurt, or angry. He’s never made fun of me for all the ridiculous things that can make me cry. He listens to my opinion and actually cares to know it. He leads well. He apologizes.
As a wife, I’m not the greatest. I’m sassy, and can use my tongue to hurt. But I’ve learned to ask forgiveness more quickly. I’ve learned to admit I’m wrong. I’ve learned life isn’t about me. I’ve learned to show respect in ways Weston receives it. I’ve learned to love better in ways Weston feels loved. I’ve learned that showing Weston I’m on his team, that I support him, can make him feel like a million bucks. I’ve learned that sometimes all he wants is for me to not be on the computer or my phone and look at him when he’s talking. I’ve learned that he’ll do just about anything for our family and I don’t need to worry. I’ve learned that he doesn’t care so much about a messy bedroom. I’ve learned that he desires for relationships and hospitality and being hospitable is one of the best things I can do for him. I’ve learned it’s okay to have guy time and girl time.
I’m thankful that I get to continue to learn how to love him better. I’m thankful that I get more and more years to practice. I’m thankful we have all this time (God willing) to continue to seek the Lord and serve Him together.
Westie, happy anniversary buddy. Here’s to many many many more years as your bride.

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