Books I’ve Read in 2015: The Way of Kings

I actually kind of like fantasy novels. There, I said it.

Weston had me read Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy a few years ago, and while I didn’t hate it, I didn’t love it. So, when he continually told me he wanted me to start Sanderson’s epic I was hesitant. Very hesitant.

But I did, and I’m glad. The Stormlight Archives series is going to be 10 books long. Each of these books is going to be over 1000 pages. It’s a commitment. I started The Way of Kings in December or January and it’s taken me until Sunday to finish it.

Sanderson is a phenomenal writer, but when you’re reading something that isn’t 100% your cup of tea, any book is going to take awhile. Weston kept telling me to keep pushing through and the last 20% of the book will be amazing.

He didn’t lie. It was amazing.

I love the fact that Sanderson can take his time to develop the characters. He has the time. I like the switching back and forth between characters and how they all begin to overlap.

So wonderful.

But, for now I’m taking a break from his books. There’s only one more out currently, and I’m not ready for the commitment to reading it, yet.

But seriously, you should read these books.


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