Studying deeper on your own

Churches have strengths and weaknesses. Focuses and things they put on the back burner.

Our church in Tyler was heavy theology. Heavy study. And the intellectual side of me loved it. Our church here is heavy relationship, heavy mission. And I love this, too.

But, I’ve realized, because I’m not getting that heavy theology on a Sunday morning or in a small group that I really miss it.

I love that our church here seeks to build relationships, be missional within the community, and focuses on application of Scripture in a very relevant/obvious way. That’s something I’m not great at on my own, so I appreciate the focus on it.

I think another part of all of this is that I don’t have those friends here yet to talk Scripture, theology, life, and Jesus in general. And I want that.

But because I don’t have that here yet, I’m realizing how much more I have to rely on that part for myself. I think it even helps put Sunday mornings in the right position, of worship together for mutual encouragement.


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