Airing out the crazy

Wes and I work together. Not just for the same company, but our desks touch. We’ve worked together for 2-3 years now. For awhile we were working together, taking the same classes, and living in a 400 sqft room. It was a lot.
If I’m honest, it begins to get to us. We’re together almost 24/7. I love my alone time and he likes to talk. Don’t get me wrong, he also likes alone time, or guy time. But on the day to day, I’m probably the one that needs it more.
Then sometimes, it gets to be almost too much. I wake up on the wrong side of the bed and every thought I have is a negative one. Even if I’m trying to fight those thoughts and be realistic, another negative thought about Wes comes in.
Deep down, I KNOW he’s one of the most helpful and servant-hearted people I know. Deep down I KNOW he is always seeking ways to help me out. Deep down I KNOW he’s not out to get me with his decisions.
But it’s those thoughts I hold on to. Which translates into being unloving to him.
And then, I finally hit that point of humility. Of realizing I owe him a huge apology. And when I do, and I admit the things running through my mind, it disappears.
There’s something about airing the crazy that’s within you. When you can let out all the crazy thoughts in your mind to someone who will love you anyway, speak truth to you, and just listen, it’s refreshing and good for the soul. There’s something about just speaking those words out loud that make you realize just how crazy you’re being.

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