Starting 21 Day Fix Extreme and Eating Clean

I’ve always thought I ate pretty healthy. Okay, not always, but recently. We eat quite a bit of veggies, normally lean proteins, I don’t usually eat just a ton of carbs all the time.
But I’ve never been good at working out. Sure, in high school, I was running around 30-35 miles a week because of cross country or track, but once I went to college the only exercise I got was walking to and from class. Somehow, that was enough that I didn’t gain the freshman 15. In fact, I only gained about 10 pounds from freshman year until my wedding day, 2 weeks after graduating.
Then I got married. I got a job where I sat at a desk all day. I wasn’t walking 2-3 miles across campus every day. The pounds slowly started creeping up on me.
Here I am, almost 4 years later, at my heaviest I’ve ever been, dealing with trying to lose 20-25 pounds to help combat the effects of PCOS. Which of course, one of them is difficulty in losing weight. I’ve had a trainer, I’ve done a half marathon (that I didn’t actually train for, so that wasn’t super helpful), I’ve tried going to the gym by myself, having a workout partner, I’ve tried quite a bit.
I’ve had multiple friends do different Beach Body products, I even did P90X for a couple of months before getting married- but without really changing my college diet. Maybe a little less Taco Bell. Then, one day an elementary school friend of mine messaged me asking if I wanted to do one of her challenge groups for 21 Day Fix, PiYo, or 21 Day Fix Extreme.
Now let me just say, I kind of loathe direct sales things like this. So I said no at first then kept talking to Weston about it. And he encouraged me to go ahead and fork over the money for the challenge bundle and try it out. Hey, if it’ll get me on track, then it’s worth it right?
So here I am, 5 days in. I miss the snacking at work on chocolate. And I miss the creamer in my coffee, but sticking with this meal plan, and the workouts hasn’t been that hard. You get to eat way more than you’d think. You just don’t get to gorge yourself on chocolate, carbs, and sugar.
I’m still figuring out how to split up my food categories throughout the day. But I can do this. My goal is to finish this 21 days without having cheated and without missing a workout. This is going to be hard on weekends. We’re out of town often. We’re busy on weekends. We’re busy in the evenings. But what’s 30 minutes? I can do that.
My biggest fear is how PCOS is going to affect my weight loss. I was doing P90X for a couple of weeks, eating pretty healthy, and doing a 30 minute workout or run with a friend every day and didn’t lose a pound. And that’s what I’m told I need to do. Lose weight. I don’t need to necessarily see the pounds drop significantly to feel like a success, but I do need to see a change in my body. And I’m honestly afraid of getting discouraged if I don’t.
If you have PCOS and have done the clean eating and working out thing, how has that worked for you? Have you seen the results you wanted? Or did you have to change it up in some way?

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