Finally settling in

We’ve been officially moved for 3.5 weeks now. We’re at the point where we have to make goals for us to empty a box or put something away, because the stuff we use the most is already out and being used.

We’re back to working after the holidays, which had us out of town for almost 2 weeks. We’re finally in the College Station office with new desks and loaner chairs. While I miss working in sweatpants from home, it is nice having somewhere to go everyday. We don’t actually start full time until next week because the beginning of the year was in the middle of a pay period. This has actually been helpful because we’ve gone to the dentist (after 3 and 4 years of not going), Wes has gotten a haircut, and the dogs are getting groomed.

This past weekend I was able to meet up with a college friend who still lives around here. It was a breath of fresh air. She loves Jesus and we got to talk about those things, jobs, and life since graduation.

Already knowing where we were going to be attending church, and having been talking to the pastor about getting involved for the several months before moving helped make the transition easier as well. Weston and I have both hit the ground running (for the most part) with involvement at RCB which has made the church feel more like home much more quickly.

While we’re still getting used to living in a house and the chores and perks that come along with it, we are enjoying it. Just tonight I realized I can play music at 11pm loudly and no one will be upset. But, our house doesn’t feel quite like home, yet. We think it’s because we didn’t have a real, final, nail in the coffin ending to Tyler. It still sort of feels like we’re just visiting. And maybe because we still need some more furniture. But it is getting there.


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