Books I’ve Read in 2014: Jesus the King

I’ve only read two books by Tim Keller, and both have taken me longer than they should have. Not because the books are dull, super heavy, or anything like that. They’ve just taken me longer. I’ve finished both books and thought they were wonderful and glad I took the time to read them. But something about them, they just take me awhile.

I started Jesus the King: Understanding the Life and Death of the Son of God
 at least 4 months ago. Probably more around 6. And I’d always put it down to read a different book. I was determined to finish it before 2014 ended and now that school is over, I felt like I had no excuse.

It was great. As someone who grew up in church their entire life, went to Christian school for all but 2.5 years (I think) of school growing up, I’ve heard every story about Jesus. A lot. To the point where anything in the Gospels gets quickly brushed over because I can immediately tell you what I learned about it in Sunday School.

The ladies Bible study I was a part of in Tyler recently started John. With that and then reading Jesus the King, which goes through the book of Mark, I’ve had a fresh look at the Gospels. A look at them that isn’t just about, “What’s the moral of this story?” and more about the Christ and the Gospel. That’s refreshing. That’s encouraging. And that’s why I liked Jesus the King. It helped me see the Gospel in each little story in Mark. Not just expecting the Gospel to be at the end where Jesus dies and rises. It stirred my affections for Jesus.

If you’re thinking of picking it up, check your local Lifeway. It was previously released as “King’s Cross” and so the book under that title has been in our Lifeway’s bargain books for months. You can get the book for like $3. In hardback! Can’t beat that.


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