The Holidays may have not been the best time to move

We finished school on a Friday, packed up our cars and left. We had to go back one more time on Sunday to get the very last bit of stuff and clean, but we’ve been official Bryan residents for two weeks this Sunday. In between that time and now we’ve gone to my parents’ house twice for an engagement party/extended family Christmas party and now for Christmas. Because of the moving and being out of town we haven’t been able to go to church yet. And of course, because it’s the holiday season, I’m assuming the small groups haven’t been held. So, we’ve not made any friends yet.

And I can feel it. That first week was hard on me. I’ve grown accustomed to my schedule in Tyler. Church Sunday, Bible Study on Wednesday, probably hanging out with friends on Thursday or Friday. Usually a football game on Saturday. Then it starts over. Even for this introvert, I enjoyed my time around people when I could know exactly how it would be. I miss it.

Weston at least still knows some people in BCS. And I probably could’ve tagged along, but it was all boys. And I want my own friends. I can’t explain how much I’ve grown to realize I need friendships and Gospel centered ones at that.

I’ve been really thankful for the friends who have come through Bryan and stopped by to say hi. It’s made this time of waiting for local friends more bearable. But. I am so so so ready to have friends and start that part of making a life.


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