Books I’ve Read in 2014: To Live is Christ to Die is Gain

Weston and I got kindles the other day, which led me to want to read non-stop. I had gotten the free ebook of this one awhile back and had never gotten around to reading it. But, I finally started and finished, To Live Is Christ to Die Is Gain
. I’m glad I did.

I’ve read all but Recovering Redemption by Chandler and have enjoyed all his books. I love the Gospel focus of every single one and they always stir my affections for God. Plus, he’s funny and they’re always an easy read so it’s never daunting to start one of his books.

This has got to be my favorite of his so far. I like books and sermons that go through a book of the Bible and this does that. It’s not a verse by verse study, but it’s at least in order. For every place you feel like God is wrecking your heart, you are also left with encouragement of the grace of God. That your sins have been paid for and you can rest in the wonderful finished work of Christ.

Two of my favorite quotes from this one:

Now we live between the two advents in what theologians would call the “already and the not yet,” or “the narrow place.” So it’s already paid for, but it has not yet been consummated (pg 218)

The message of Philippians is that life is lived for Him, to Him, through Him, with Him, about Him, and in Him. (pg 214)


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