Our last Sunday at LAC

10420415_10152660087327599_9094881759572386029_nToday was our last Sunday at the church we’ve called home for a little over two years. This church has taught us a lot. We both got pretty heavily involved which allowed us to see a bit more of the inner workings of a church and see that everything isn’t perfect all the time. It was good for us. It grew us.

This church taught us that when you hit frustrations, you don’t bail. It taught us to give and receive grace. When trying to find a more permanent building for the church, it taught us that patience truly is a virtue and that everything can be saying to move forward, but then you hit a big bump and have to pray all the more to see if you should move forward.

It taught us that the local church works best when everyone is taking part. It taught me that I do have something to offer to the local body. It taught us that building friendships takes time and effort when you have real jobs and real responsibilities. And it taught us that those friendships are worth the effort.

We’re leaving a church family that shouted, “Because of God you get God” and displayed it in the everyday lives of the people who went there. I’m thankful that this church is still small enough that they take the time to pray over families who are moving and that we actually felt at home there. We felt a part of the family there. This is actually a church, and a people I want to come back and visit. I want to keep in touch with people from here. I want to stay friends with these people.

I’m so thankful to have gotten to be a part of a church that is Gospel-Centered. LAC has opened my eyes to how the Gospel isn’t just for salvation. It’s for sanctification. And it’s amazing to see that.


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