Free and Discounted Stuff

I like deals. I love free stuff even more. Here’s some sites I check almost every day or at least every week that either do deals or do actual free things (that are good). This makes me sound like I spend a TON of money, but if you ask my husband, I’m the cheap one. But I sure like looking for a good deal. – It’s an amazon affiliate, and I love amazon. It has a bunch of different categories with subsales underneath each category. Each main category has a “deal of the day” and sometimes a “woot off” deal so they change about every hour. Definitely worth looking at. We’ve bought quite a bit of stuff off this site for gifts. There’s no free 2-day shipping like Amazon has, but you can ship everything you buy for $5 bucks. So, pretty worth it. – Why look for deals when people will do it for you? People post deals they’ve found online and you can check it as often as you like. It’ll show you if they’re new since the last time you looked. This is how I always find out when a starbucks gift card is on sale on groupon or living social. – You can’t forget this one when Amazon is a-maz-ing. I check the deal of the day every single day.

I’m about to lump a bunch together, because they all do the same thing, basically: – I’ve heard horror stories, but in the end they gave back the person’s money, and they ended up with 3 of the same piece of furniture, all broken in some way. – purchased from – recently found out about this one. Online reviews say the shipping is way way way slow – I’ve heard fantastic reviews about their customer service – I don’t think I can afford anything from here, but I like looking – purchased from; oh, and it’s an amazon affiliate, so of course I approve – purchased from; nordstrom rack affiliate. Also great.

I really love music so here’s my go-tos for music: – find up and coming artists and even some famous artists. Plus they do ebooks as well- I’ve gotten Matt Chandler’s To Live is Christ ebook from here.

Here’s my new favorite: – each week they do either a free album of the week or a $.99 album of the week. The past few weeks have been: Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Luke Bryan, Enrique Iglesias

Do y’all have any go to free/deal sites?


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