Birthday Celebrations… Turning 25

I turned 25 on the 18th. The big two. five. A quarter of a century. So old. 

Okay, not really. And I don’t even feel old. Typically I still feel like 18. Anyway. Back to the birthday.

Weston had my whole Saturday planned. I woke up and got a surprise pedicure with two of my friends here in Tyler. I came home and opened my gifts from Weston: an assortment of my favorite things, including coffee mugs, favorite candies, and books. Weston then told me I had one more surprise but he was holding to give it to me until a few hours later.

We took a break a little bit and then went and got lunch together. After lunch I decided I wanted to go look at furniture for our new home—with no intention of buying. We went and looked at a bunch of couches and found a sectional and chair we both actually liked. When we first got married we bought one that I thought was… eh, and just didn’t say anything to Weston and let him decide. 3 years later, I still don’t like this couch but we have two rooms to furnish so a new couch was necessary. After talking it through we decided to take the plunge and buy the new sectional and chair. It’s a great mix of modern and classic and something I think we’ll both love for years and years.

After that unplanned major purchase we decided to go home and watch the Aggies lose miserably. I napped for a little while and Weston woke me up to say my next surprise was almost here. AND IT WAS MY FRIEND JENNETTA! She drove in from Dallas to potentially only spend dinner with me! It was a wonderful surprise and meant a lot that she would do that.

The three of us hung out for a little while at home then headed to get drinks and appetizers before heading for dinner. I wanted sushi so we headed to Wasabi for dinner and another surprise! Weston had asked my closest Tyler friends to meet us there for dinner. After dinner we came back to our apartment to play Ticket to Ride and drink White Russians, which may be my new favorite drink.

Sunday we went to lunch with our group of friends from church and the girls surprised me with a Chemex! We love it. Wes and I are well on our way to being coffee connoisseurs (okay, not really).

It was a wonderful birthday. And now to get cheesy and typical wife: I’m so thankful for Weston and his pursuit of me. It was the perfect mix of surprise, friends, and introverted me.


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