Finally Looking at Houses… in Real Life

This past weekend we were finally able to go look at homes in real life. When you’ve looked online at the same houses every day for months (I wish I was joking) you make up a list of 15 houses to send to your Realtor (aka, dad) and say, set these up!

So, we looked at 13 or 14 homes that Saturday. My feet ached. My head ached. I was exhausted. Overall, the houses we hated online but chose to look at anyway we still hated. A house I really liked online was not awesome in person. And there were maybe a couple that we were pleasantly surprised. Maybe.

Sunday we looked at 2 more homes to compare what money got us in one part of town versus another. By the end we had 4 or 5 houses that were contenders, but really only because we felt like only having one house on a list was a stupid idea.

The one house we really liked we liked for several reasons:

1. Two living areas – if we want to host things at our house, friends, family, church functions, whatever, we needed a place for adults and kids to be separated. This house has that.

2. A good sized lot – it’s a little under a half acre lot so when we have kids they actually have somewhere to play

3. The house is big — 3200 sqft. Those living areas? Big. Office space. Bedrooms. Bathrooms. Dining Room. Usable kitchen.

4. It has three full bathrooms. I really wanted a 2.5 bathroom or more home because I hate the idea of guests using the kids bathroom if there’s a way for me to not make that happen. This house has THREE full bathrooms.

And yes, this house has downsides as well. It only has three bedrooms. The fenced part of the yard is really weird and it doesn’t have a deck or porch of any kind for a grill. Did I mention it’s 3200 sqft? We’ve lived in a 1200 sqft apartment for the past year and a half. We have furniture to procure over time so it isn’t a laughably sparse space.

We love this house. This is a house that would stretch me in being hospitable and a house we can absolutely see using for God’s glory and allowing friends and family and church family to use it and use it well.

They’ve accepted our offer and now we move on to the next steps. Prayers for good inspections and easy going on all the paperwork and everything else necessary! Praise God!


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