Books I’ve Read 2014: The Message of 1st Peter (The Bible Speaks Today)

This one is a little different. Yes, it’s still a book, but it’s a commentary. I just finished going through 1 Peter with a friend of mine and this is the commentary I read while doing so, The Message of 1 Peter (Bible Speaks Today)
. The commentary series is The Bible Speaks Today, and let me tell you, this was that.

I own a few commentaries on different books of the Bible, and some have been more approachable than others. I always always choose either the top 1 or 2 commentaries listed when I’m looking, and usually that works out well for me. But sometimes, the commentaries are more oriented toward the experienced pastor or scholar and far less to the normal lay person looking for some more depth and understanding.

This was for the lay person. Yes, it still explained key greek words and things like that, but it didn’t get bogged down in what these Gnostic gospels said, or these other Jewish writings said without explaining a little more why that’s important. As someone who grew up going to church every Sunday, and went to Christian school for almost all of elementary, middle, and high school, I think I have a pretty good understanding of a lot of things, but have still missed a lot more of the things that are outside the Bible itself. It wasn’t until college that I heard that the Gnostics could be beneficial for learning more about the times and that just because it’s not a part of scripture doesn’t mean that something can’t be proven useful.

This commentary was easy to understand; I never felt overwhelmed by information that I didn’t know what to do with. And it made it easier to figure out how to apply that information and how to apply what is in the Scriptures. It’s the only commentary of that series I’ve used, but I highly recommend.


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