Trying to find our first house

Even though we haven’t known where we are going to live after graduation in December, I’ve had the house buying bug for almost two years now. We finally had it confirmed we’ll be going to College Station (WHOOP!) and so now we can officially start looking for homes. Just because it hasn’t been official until a few weeks ago has not stopped me from house browsing for well over a year. Story of my life.

The longer we’ve looked the more our expectations, budget, and desires have changed. That budget is what has mainly changed and now we are needing to reevaluate what we think our budget should be versus what we can be approved for. What are our spending and saving and giving goals? Have you ever looked at your budget and realized if you didn’t tithe you’d have A LOT more money to do what you wished? Thankfully, Weston and I are on the same page as far as tithing goes. We aren’t on the same page for a lot of the rest of our budget- but he helps me realize you need money for some fun or else you’ll just be miserable. I’m the “SAVE IT ALL!!!!” person in our family. 

So, now, how big of a house do we want and need? Do those match? What is our plan for staying in this home? Where do we want to buy? College Station ISD is far better than Bryan ISD. Does that matter to us? Do we really care where our kids will go to school? I married a sort of genius who, God willing, will pass down his brains to our kids. So, does it matter what school they’re in? He encourages creativity and learning because he loves it so much. I love learning, but I’m as far from creative as it gets. 

I know what we do agree on is a home where we can invite people in and make them feel welcome. Where the living and eating areas are the largest to have people over and do community. Gospel community. We desire to be able to have over people, college kids, young adults, whoever, and feed them whenever they want to stop by. We want our home to be somewhere where people feel free to stop by and hang out with us, be involved with our family, open our fridge or pantry and take what they want. 

We want to be hospitable without grumbling, love without strings, and show Jesus in whatever we do.


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