On Being Overwhelmed… Or Not

In our Growth Group we are going through Jennie Allen’s Stuck Bible bible. There’s pros and cons to it. It is introspective and straight forward. It puts the main focus, it seems, on the reader versus on God. It has Scripture in there and everything, but sometimes it seems a little too “me” focused. She writes in a feminine way. The way she speaks in her videos is feminine too (which I guess makes sense since she’s a girl). So, sometimes I’m annoyed. It’s that passionate urging that I became accustomed to while in a Christian sorority in college. All that is missing is the up speak, but I digress.

A few weeks ago it was on being overwhelmed. When I do Bible studies I often get caught up in the exact examples people give instead of seeing how it applies outside of that. Example- Jennie Allen focuses on being overwhelmed within your schedule. Where are you not allowing God to take control in your schedule. Saying no and saying yes to things and asking God about every decision within your schedule.

Yes, I think God cares about how we fill our time. But I don’t think God cares about every detail.

With all the questions being about feeling overwhelmed with your schedule, I felt like it wasn’t applicable because I don’t feel overwhelmed. So even the “deeper” questions asked, I had a hard time answering because I related it all to my schedule.

The great thing about this study is that it changed the way we do our Growth Group. We are almost always in a smaller group of around 5 answering discussion questions and going over the homework. It allows for everyone to talk, even the quieter people. It allows for a better discussion of questions and the lesson. I’ve loved it. A few of the questions were:

– When have you felt most close to God?
– When did you know God was moving you to do something?
– Do you allow the Holy Spirit to guide your daily life?

These are questions I’d rather brush over instead of taking the time to be introspective. They make me nervous because I don’t want to think about where I’ve failed. But I had to answer them Wednesday night. In a group. To people. And it was a blessing. It made me think about my failures, but it also made me think of the times where I did feel most close to God.

Where the Gospel resonated in my soul and I knew the truth of his Word. Where the Bible moved from being Truths on a page to Truths in my life. Where I stepped out in faith and did as the Bible commanded.

And I realized that I am most overwhelmed when I do allow my failures to be shown to me. I pretty much want to go sit in a dark room and cry. But by God’s grace, my failures are not counted against me. God sees Christ in me when He looks at me. My failures are not held against me. I get to live my life in obedience to Him, knowing I have been justified and the rest of my life is spent being made perfect. The Gospel is so good, yall.


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