Books I’ve Read 2014: The Furious Longing of God


The Furious Longing of God

First, if you want a short book that’ll make you feel good about being able to finish a book- this is it. It’s a 136 pages. It’s great.

Second, on to the book itself. If you haven’t read any Manning before, he’s so incredibly encouraging. You feel good about yourself by the time you finish his books- less because he’s saying how awesome you are, but about how awesome you are BECAUSE of God. Because of the Gospel. Because of what God did for you through Jesus on the cross. You are loved in spite of yourself. In all our failures, even when we fail at something time and time again, we are still loved.

That’s really what Brennan Manning focuses on through out the book. What because of the Gospel means, your life looks like.

The only thing that stuck out to me as like… absolutely no, was this, “…it serves well to fasten on the utter delight of a loving God who is deeply touched that, in the brouhaha of your busy life, you would devote even five minutes to spiritual reading”. I don’t think God is deeply touched that we fit him into our life. He expects it all. He’s not to be fit in. He’s to be the main focus.

Manning, I think, stays really far on one side of the spectrum of grace and God’s love. He’s not wrong, but I don’t think he comes enough to the middle and seeing other sides of God. Yes, God is love, but he’s also just, and holy, and righteous, and so many other things that we can’t forget about.


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