Spurring on our addiction to coffee

For awhile now Weston and I have been wanting a burr grinder. We’ve looked for probably 6-8 months and just couldn’t decide on one that was within our budget. We’d find one then start reading reviews on Amazon and get talked out of it. All of them have horror stories or just enough bad reviews to make you not want to get it. I’ve always been someone to buy cheap and make do. I married a guy who spends way more to buy quality. It’s been a learning experience for both of us.

Until June we’d been using a small Krups coffee/herb grinder that doesn’t have any settings. You pulse grind and determine that way how coarse of fine you want your grind. It’s never super consistent and can only do about 6 tablespoons at a time. It wasn’t bad. It got the job done, but we were ready to make the leap into burr grinders.

We got back from our trip to Wyoming that was the travel from hell. I think mainly to make ourselves feel better we headed to the mall to go to Williams Sonoma to go pick out a grinder. (Gotta love retail therapy).
img79oWe got the Breville Smart Grinder and have LOVED it. It’s taken us some experimenting to determine the right amount of cups for our french presses. We’ve yet to figure out if they consider a cup of coffee 4 oz or 6 oz on this thing and our french press, we just don’t remember. We’ve finally got it down for our 4 cup french press, and will have to do some figuring out for our larger one. People online complained of a burning plastic or metal smell, but that’s when people haven’t had enough beans in the reservoir on top. Others have complained that the french press grind is too fine, but I’d honestly say it seems consistent with what I’ve seen when using the big grinders at the grocery store. I think the idea of what is “coarse” and “fine” isn’t the same across the board and that’s where the problems come in.

It’s really been great and we’ve used our french press way more than we used to. Usually our keurig has been our go to for the day to day drinking, but now we’d much rather have a really good cup of coffee and do it this way.

I think our next purchase will be a chemex. Maybe for Christmas or something. But if you’re looking for a burr grinder, I highly recommend this one. It also isn’t huge so you can leave it out on your counter if you want.



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