Meet Lucy!

LucyMeet Lucy! The newest addition to our family! Weston has spent easily the past 7 months trying to talk me into getting another dog- and it finally worked.

I’ll be honest- we got her and started driving home and she got car sick 4 times. I immediately thought after the first time, “What have we done?”

I forgot how much I hate potty training- but she did let us sleep for 5 hours straight after a rough first 4 hours or so. Really rough.

Amos pretends she doesn’t exist and runs away whenever she comes near him. He has spent the majority of the time since we got her yesterday in a separate room. But he isn’t mean to her- so we’re calling this a success so far.

Aside from the annoying things you have to get past with puppies, she’s wonderful. We love her to death and are so excited we decided to get another dog. Amos really did need a friend (even if he doesn’t realize it yet).


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