BOOKS I’VE READ 2014: Gospel Wakefulness and Name Above All Names

I’ve finished two more books. They took me close to 2.5 months to read- that’s what I get for trying to read more than one book at once, plus school books, and Bible study books. I’m going to stick with one at a time for fun now. Gospel Wakefulness
You know, this book- When I started the introduction of the book I was a little wary. Not for any real reason, but I guess because I’m always a little wary with books that talk Gospel. Don’t get me wrong, I 100% believe the Gospel is of utmost importance – in fact- is the most important thing, but it seems like books try to revamp the Gospel, make it exciting or something. It’s already exciting. Then somewhere in chapter 1, he said something (I wish I had highlighted it) and I was ready to be all on Wilson’s side. “God works in and through our ‘bruising’ to bring us closer to him, to make us more dependent on him, and to ‘enlarge our heart.’ That is a good phrase for gospel wakefulness. In conversion we receive a new heart, a resurrected heart. As we abide in Christ, the fruit of the Spirit of that new heart results in qualities dead hearts do not produce– things like kindness, goodness, gentleness, peace, patience, etc. Our hearts get larger.” I think that quote sums up well the book. Not all the way, but it does do a good job. And this book was a sweet reminder, and I’m glad I read it with the “bruising” I have recently gone through. Name above All Names
 – I bought this one because our church is currently going through a sermon series called, “Christ is All in All” which is basically going through different names for Christ. It seemed fitting to read something that kind of went along with that. Now, they only go through a few names, but they do it well- wrapping everything up with what Christ and his different roles/names mean for us as believers. Everything points to God’s glory. Everything points to us growing closer and deeper in our relationship with Him.


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