That post about Christmas and how we should celebrate it

We love Christmas in the Kingsley house. We bought Christmas decorations in mid October with no shame. I’ve been listening to Christmas music since the beginning of October (with a little bit of shame). I started looking at Christmas tree decorating ideas in October. I love any Christmas themed TV episode. Forget my birthday and Thanksgiving, let’s just get to Christmas.

Whenever Christmas comes around since Wes and I have been married, I ask a million questions on how we’re going to raise our kids during this season. We both grew up very blessed, not getting EVERYTHING we wanted, but usually, if we worked to earn it, or had the patience to get to a birthday or Christmas, we got that toy that we wanted. I don’t think I ever felt super entitled to stuff growing up. I mean, sort of. Having the last birthday in a string of three in nine days always meant I got jealous when my brother or sister opened their birthday presents and I still almost a week until it was my turn. (Let’s be honest, it still seems like my birthday takes absolutely FOREVER to get here once my brother’s hits. Nine days never seems so long as it does during October). Anyway, back to that raising kids thing.

I ask him a million questions about if we’ll do the Santa thing, the amount of gifts we’ll give them, stocking gifts, will we do advent with them. We always come back to the same thing, none of that stuff is bad. Santa isn’t bad. Gifts are not bad. It’s fun and brings joy to be able to give people we love gifts. Getting to see them really like something when they open it. I love getting to figure out the “perfect” gift for our family members. When you finally come across it, and you just know. But we don’t think we’ll do Santa. If we don’t want to lie to our kids about stuff, why do we think that’s okay? (Oh, our kids will still totally do Santa pictures. Those are just fun). I don’t think we’ll do a bunch of gifts. Ever since I saw the, “Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read” thing on Pinterest, I’ve loved it. But I’m not going to swear by it now.

We talk a lot about the pendulum swing of extremes in our women’s Bible study each week. How we often start on one far end of “don’t ever do this, this is bad bad bad” then swing all the way to the other side of “I’m covered in grace”, then as maturity keeps happening, you find the medium of grace and restraint. I think this is another thing exactly like that. We want to make sure our kids know what we’re really celebrating. We want the focus to be Jesus, so we start taking out all those other things that aren’t bad, but not Jesus-centric. So, our goal is to find that middle ground, of Jesus and He’s the most important and He’s the greatest gift we’ll ever receive and even if you hate every present you’re given, your joy is in Him and still celebrating and having fun and not being “those” people who are kill joys and make everyone feel guilty for doing Santa with their kids and having presents. God’s given us this life to enjoy. Enjoy it, right?


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