Too much time to pray

I have a lot of time on my hands. A lot. When there are no kids involved keeping a house clean isn’t difficult. I recently read a blog about being an “internet busybody”. It hit home a bit. For one thing, I don’t have enough stuff to fill all my time. I could probably clean a little bit more. You know, that stuff Amos brings to our living room or into our guest bedroom. I’m up to date on any tv show I think might interest me, and even that’s gotten a bit boring.  I’m looking for a job that I wouldn’t hate and would allow me to still be home with Wes when he’s home from work, cook, and keep things clean. I am an internet busybody right now. Facebook. Twitter. Blogs. Even those Christian blogs I read. I really love technology, but need to realize it has its place in my life. Some of that time spent on the internet could be better spent. I can spend more time in the Scriptures.

More time praying.

Praying is not one of my strong points. It’s probably the spiritual discipline I need the most work. I was walking into my apartment this evening, Starbucks drink and Amos in hand, thinking about how I miss my friends, want a job, want to be a better wife in the areas I’m lacking and God reminded me I haven’t really taken any of that to him. I’ll think about them and think about how I want to do better or what I can do about those things while I’m sitting Bible open in my lap, or maybe even journal about it, but it never gets taken to the Lord. I need God. A lifetime in the church and almost two years into this journey of a relationship with the Lord and after that beginning period of being struck with the realization of how I can’t do it on my own, I’ve forgotten again that I need to take things to the Lord in prayer. He’s the promise keeper. He’s the Provider. He’s the Comforter. How silly I am for forgetting how important prayer is, prayer for myself, for others, to praise Him, to just talk to Him, or to just listen.

So, I guess that’s my goal. To spend more time in prayer. Have you spent time talking to our Father today?


One thought on “Too much time to pray

  1. Love this Mak! I will pray that you do find a job you enjoy soon! And, if you are going to start really ramping up your prayer life, would you pray for everyone I know who is sick, dying or going through a rough time? I have had so many prayer requests come my way that I feel so overwhelmed! Sometimes, I just put my hands up and say, “You know Lord!”

    Love you!

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