A New Job, a New Home, a New PUPPY

I’m pretty terrible at updating this, but I still have hope to become better… We’ll see.

Well, Weston got a job in Longview. I quit my job so we can move. And we are getting a PUPPY!

For all you who are thinking, “Makenzie, you’re getting a puppy? You hate dogs”. Well… I hate big dogs. I hate dogs that cause my allergies to go crazy. This precious little animal stays between 4-7 pounds and doesn’t shed. It’s like my dream come true.That’s our little guy. We won’t get him until late October, after we’ve moved to Longview and gotten at least somewhat settled in.

Now that I don’t have a job, I’m getting to CLEAN, and pack… And we need to sell some furniture. We went to Longview last weekend and realized there’s no way everything we own will fit into our new apartment. Longview apartments are not built as big as ones here in College Station. We’ve been absolutely spoiled with the size of our apartment right now. We will suck it up and survive. We have too much stuff anyway.

We think we have found a church as well. Weston thinks we were lucky to catch it on a patriotic Sunday… to see how it mixes honoring 9-11 and honoring God. It did really well and didn’t make it all about America. It honored the fallen, but it still remembered that the Church’s allegiance is to a King and a kingdom not of this world. We are excited to go back when we get moved up there and get involved and ask a lot of questions.

Overall, everything is coming together and we are blessed.


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