The Interim Update Until I Have Pictures

I’m a bad blogger. That’s easy enough to see. With that, I apologize and I’ll try to be better. I’d like to say I’ve been far too busy living an extraordinary life, but really, I’ve been lazy and haven’t felt like posting. I wanted to wait and post when I had pictures, but I don’t know when that will be, so here is the interim post. When I get pictures I’ll be sure to do a picture post.

Another update for the site: It’s now our site as a married couple. I changed the url to and it’ll be a little more “us” focused than “me” focused.

Since the last update, I’ve graduated from college, Wes has figured out he’ll graduate in August, and we got married 3 weeks ago. We’ve had fun getting our apartment situated, learning more about each other just by being together almost 24/7, and figuring out our lives for the next year. We will be in College Station for another year while I do an internship here and Wes will be looking for a job and getting certified to teach high school science. Now we are starting on the process of looking for another place to live for the year, hopefully somewhere where the internet doesn’t suck/we can pay for our own internet and maybe have our own washer and dryer, all within our budget.

We went to Jamaica for our honeymoon and Wes was actually able to keep it a secret up until the day before the wedding. I was impressed and excited to find out where we were going. I’ll have a few pictures once I decide to upload them.

Wes leaves next week to go do worship and be a counselor for high school camp at his home church.

We’re pretty lame right now, maybe we will have some exciting news at some point… just not right now.


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