I Update When Elearning is Down

What a perfect time for Elearning to crash… you know… dead days when I actually am trying to be a good student and study for finals/write a paper or two. Oh well, I’ll just update, since it has been FOREVER.

A little over a month ago, Wes and I finally got engagement pictures done (we are always a little slow on getting things done like this… or anything to do with the wedding). Here’s some of my personal favorites. Thanks to the wonderful Stephen Ward and Inphocus Photography

Photo Credit: Inphocus Photography

I know, I’m totally marrying one of the most handsomest men in the world. 🙂

Then almost 2 weeks ago (Easter weekend) I was blessed to get to be a part of my dear friend Cailey’s wedding. It was beautiful and so exciting to get to see her and her husband begin this new part of their lives. Here’s some blurry pictures from the photobooth they had at their wedding.

And me, being the wonderful bridesmaid that I am, did not take a single photo with the beautiful bride. But trust me, she looked GORGEOUS!

On another fun note, Wes and I tie the knot in 24 days!!! 


One thought on “I Update When Elearning is Down

  1. Man y’all are a good lookin’ couple!! 😉 Love the engagement photos and the wedding looks like it was a way fun one! I get to see you SOOOO FREAKING SOON!!!!!! Thanks for getting married and giving me an excuse to come home to Texas – you’re the bestest =)

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