A Grandma Update

I went to visit my grandma today with my mom and youngest brother, Eli. She’s now home (has been for a few weeks) and doing awesome. I’m seeing more and more of “old Mary” with her hand gestures and faces she’ll make at us. It was nice getting to just sit with her for awhile. I’m glad she’s always had a good sense of humor, because her brother, Ramon was in town to visit her and would make her laugh and laugh telling stories of when they were kids.

Funny story— Ramon and two of her other brothers all worked at a restaurant when they were younger. The oldest brother, Emmanuel, would make Ramon and the other brother walk home every night after work like a mile through thick brush and stuff so he could take girls on dates in the car. The other brother had POLIO and was crippled from it. Apparently they never even got mad at Emmanuel because they never really thought about it until after he died. haha. Okay, I thought it was funny… maybe just because I know them. 🙂

She’s still going to therapy 3 days a week and still trying like heck to talk. My mom had her “sign” some legal documents today and as I sat there watching her attempt to write it made me wish I had kept all the letters and cards she had sent over the years. She LOVED to write. Like… the cards always came with letters that were 3-5 pages long. I know she can’t read anymore either, but I think I should start writing her and my grandpa letters so he can read them to her. I think she’d enjoy it. More than an email and definitely a text message.

So I leave you with a picture of Maria, the best grandma ever.


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