Noisetrade and Derek Webb

This is mainly being written because I have about 200 pages to read for classes tomorrow and don’t really feel like starting them just yet.

I was introduced to a couple of years ago and have been obsessed ever since. If you don’t know what noisetrade is, here you go:

It’s a website, co-founded by Derek Webb, that allows artists to put their music up for download free of charge to the listener. You CAN donate to the artist as much or as little as you like, or you can do some quick advertising via facebook, email, or twitter. Some of my most recent downloads?
Songs for Lent- New York Hymns (I’m a bit of a hymn lover)
A mix of Trent Dabbs and Lori McKenna songs
The Far Country- Andrew Peterson
It Took the FIre- Tyler James
A Ben Rector mix of songs
Strangetown EP- David Ramirez (he did a house show here in College Station near the beginning of the semester)
Out of my Hands- Green River Ordinance
The Ladder- Andrew Belle

Go check it out. There’s all sorts of music on there.

This month started Democracy Vol 2 by Derek Webb. Webb’s Democracy albums are albums of covers voted on by the purchaser. The first song for this volume? F*** You by Cee lo Green. It’s $5 for 10 songs that will be delivered via email over the next ten months. It’s one of my small delights, waiting for the email each month with the new song download.
You can purchase here. You can also purchase Volume 1 as well.

Do yourself a favor, check out both noisetrade and the democracy albums.


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