Online Shopping and Deals Galore

I’m a big online shopper.. BIG.

People at work make fun of me for how much I use Amazon, but seriously, it’s awesome. If you’re a student (or someone) with a .edu email address you get Amazon Prime for a year FOR FREE. That’s free 2-day shipping on anything.

You can find books for a penny. Or a dollar…

I got my SLR camera for 200 dollars off and a second lense for, I think, 75 off. And did I mention? Free 2 day shipping. So this works really well for impatient people like myself.

Oh, and every month they do 100 $5 albums, plus tons of albums are ALWAYS on sale for $7.99 and under. Plus, the music transfers automatically to itunes, you don’t have to do a thing.

Then there is If you like outdoorsy things, this is the site for you. 1 deal every 30 minutes. And it’s always 50-80% off the original price. Weston just bought us this for 52% off: I also check this every day. This site has deals from all over the internet that people post. It’s how I found out about the deal on my SLR. a deal a day. Sometimes really random crap… sometimes some really awesome stuff. Plus which is always watched, but usually wines I don’t like… which isn’t hard, considering I drink 1 type and 1 type only.

My most recent obsession theclymb. Every 3 days the stuff they have on sale changes. They feature one or two brands during those days and the stuff is on sale for a major discount. It’s, again, outdoors stuff, but it’s AWESOME. (Thank you Heather for showing this one to me!).

Two others maybe you’ll enjoy: and Again, outdoors stuff. I got a Northface rain jacket off BC for I think, 45% off. DoG is the outlet of BC, and you can get some great deals on discontinued colors and the like.

Do you have any great sites for deals?


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