My Recent Music Obsession

The Civil Wars

If you haven’t picked up their first full length album, Barton Hollow,  you should. Trust me. The Civil Wars is a duo made up of Joy Williams and John Paul White.

It is very much folk-Americana done right. So much so, I’m pretty sure I’m going to drag Weston to their show in Houston. He’ll complain because I’ll make him listen to them all the way there, then he’ll tell me that he likes them live much more than he does on their album. 🙂

I’m typically a person who can only listen to a song a few times before I’m sick of it, but I’m legitimately STUCK on Poison and Wine. And I’m also a person who usually hates music videos, but the video for Poison and Wine is also awesome. It only makes the song better.

Buy this album. It’s on Amazon. It’s on iTunes. It’s on their website. It’s a must have. 🙂


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