Update on my Grandma





My mom made a caringbridge website that she keeps up to date and you can find it here.

My own updates from today:

I did get to see her today. Weston, being the absolutely wonderful fiance he is, drove down last night and we both were able to go see my grandma today for a few hours. As always, she was the life of the party and have many friends and family members stopping by to see how she is doing. She is so blessed. One friend brought some Bath and Body Works lotion and rubbed it on her arms and hands, feet and legs. Her niece, Selena, came into town and gave her all the gossip and drama of my grandma’s siblings. It was then that I decided I should’ve learned Spanish. That’s all Selena spoke to her, and well… I was lost. 🙂

I talked to my grandma about ideas for trying to implement a celebration for my mom’s 50th birthday at Wes and my rehearsal dinner and more wedding plans, like using her cake topper from her and my grandpa’s wedding. My grandpa actually got a verbal laugh out of her when he made a joke about not knowing how to do laundry. He had to go buy a few shirts today because he really doesn’t know how to do laundry.

She is so strong. Amazing woman. Another friend brought a prayer of healing that we prayed over her. She has started her therapy and is moving her legs a lot. They had to put in a feeding tube the other day, so that’s still in, but the doctor is hoping they’ll be able to take it out this week. So prayers that her  throat muscles, etc get strong enough that they will be able to do this.

Like my mom said on the Caring Bridge site, she definitely can give you the “shut up” look and will give you the biggest smile she can muster. She’ll now nod a yes to you if you ask her a yes or no question. I think the “no” motion is still a little much for her.

My mom said that yesterday you could see her frustration with not being able to do everything when the speech therapist and occupational therapist came in to work with her. You could see a few tears rolling down her cheek. I desperately want my grandma to get better. Not for any reason other than I know that’s what she wants. I want her to be back to her regular self because I know she doesn’t like needing help. I know she never wants to be a burden for anyone.

The other night my grandpa’s Knights of Columbus friends and some other people all came and prayed the Rosary for her at the hospital. My mom said there was like 40 people packed into the little prayer chapel. She said it was awesome.

If any of yall who read this could be praying for her. For her healing. We do serve a God of miracles. He is the Healer. Also, for her continual encouragement to try and to not have a heavy spirit. For my grandpa to get the rest he needs and to take care of himself through this as well. For my mom and my aunt, that they are given strength even when seeing their mom in this state. For all their friends- praises that they are so blessed to have the amount of dear friends they have. Praises that they all come and see her and my grandpa. Pray for them as well, because I know they hate seeing their friend like this. And everyone’s safety as they travel back and forth to see my grandma.


2 thoughts on “Update on my Grandma

  1. Oh lovely, thank you so much for keeping us updated. You definitely have prayers coming from the FT. I love your tellings about your family – makes me feel like I know them, even though I haven’t had the privilege of meeting them 🙂 Your grandma sounds like a fabulously amazing woman – praying for that miracle so she can continue to live the vibrant it sounds like she has always lived. Love you!!

  2. Makenzie:

    Thank you so much for doing this. As I write on the CaringBridge website about her, it brings a sense of peace to my soul. I know you will feel the same. Thank you again for coming to visit her and bringing Weston with you as well. She loves her grandchildren and seeing them does brighten her day! I love you my sweet daughter. Your presence helps me as well! Mom

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