Christmas Break and My Lack of Blogging

I apologize for my sucky blogging. Not that I didn’t have plenty of time for it over the past few weeks, I just chose to do other things.


I have one semester of college left. I applied for graduation this evening. CRAZY.

Wes King and I are no longer getting married at the Cloisters. Deals were made between the parentals and me and we are now getting married at my parent’s home church in Buda. At least 1) it’s free 2) we get to keep our May 28th wedding date.

I actually got to go home for an extended amount of time this break which was amazing.

Took Scott fishing
and of course, E is our entertainment... salsa music/maybe just mexican music was playing in the background...of course
My sweet grandparents

I promise I have other siblings, and even parents for that matter. Next time, I’ll work on taking pictures of more than E… or at least acceptable pictures that none of them would get mad at me for putting online.

New Years was spent in Austin with Weston’s sisters and their hubs and boyfriend. It was a lot of fun. I’m marrying into a fun family.

Now I am back in College Station, at least for a week. I’m so happy to be living out of my closet and not out of a suitcase. (I don’t actually have a room when I go home…).

But I will returning back to the parents’ house the Sunday before school starts for the day to do some wedding stuff. A bridal show… and maybe more dress shopping. Well, not maybe. For sure. But it’ll be either a purchase or another browsing with the intent to buy. We’ll see.

Happy New Year yall. 🙂


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