Fried Pie, Anthropologie, and Future In Laws

This weekend I was blessed to be able to get away from College Station, working Aggie Athletics and school and head to good ole’ Fairfield with the fiance. Weston and his dad were in a golf tournament on Saturday, so I went to Dallas with his mom and met up with his sister in Dallas to go shopping. Those. Girls. Can. Shop. I like what his sister said, “When you’re from a small town, you learn to do a lot in a little bit of time.” I’m so excited and lucky to get to marry into a family where they already treat me like family. 🙂 It’s great.

Now that my family lives in the little town of Buda and I live in College Station where our mall is lacking certain staple stores, like Anthropologie, that’s what store I was most excited to go to. I bought this. Simple. Me.

We made it back to Fairfield in enough time to watch the Aggies BTHO Baylor! I’m so glad we’re doing well this season. Hopefully this weekend we BTHO Nebraska!

Sunday we went to church at his home church. This is the first time we had both been back to his church since we’d been engaged, maybe that either of us had been back. Either way, it was as if it had just happened and we got lots of the congratulations and all of that. It’s fun to see how much people love him and his family at that church. He grew up there. Those men and women in that church have watched him become the man he is today.

We left that evening to head back to College Station where we had a dinner date with our friends Mandy and Blake who are expecting this first child in the next week or so.

On the way home Weston let us stop at The Original Fried Pie Shop. Oh. My. Word. I just had my last pie for lunch. So good! There’s lots of locations. Mainly in Texas… but a few others. Check it out if you can. 🙂

As for dinner with Blake and Mandy. 1) They’re going to be great parents. And they’re going to have an absolutely adorable little boy. 2) I love sweet conversation with other believers that leaves you encouraged.


One thought on “Fried Pie, Anthropologie, and Future In Laws

  1. ….sigh…. I love you, chickadee. I absolutely love you. This post made me smile over and over again. You sound like you are positively soaring 🙂 I SO CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU!! SOOOOOON!!! P.S. – we need another phone date soons. Love, love, love you!

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